1) Manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced and not to exceed 2,000 words. One entry per student. Correct English usage, grammar, and spelling are required. Ten manuscripts limit per instructor.

2) Work submitted must be the contestantís original fiction and never published in whole or in part. Quotes must be indicated by quotation marks. Entries shall maintain a smooth natural flow for readability and will be judged on originality, clarity, and narrative development. Must not contain profanity or indecent language. Any form of Plagiarism will be immediately rejected.

3) Manuscripts should be fiction (any style or any subject) and must be titled.

For ideas you may want to use one of Jack Londonís themes which include man against nature ("Love of Life"), man misplaced in different ethnic cultures ("Chun An Chun," "The Chinago," "The Mexican," "On the Makaloa Mat," "The Heathen," and "Samuel"), man at sea, in Alaska, in the South Seas, in poverty ("The Apostate," "South of the Slot," and "A Piece of Steak"), boxing, on the farm, even in the Leperís colony.

The Student's name must not appear on any page. Manuscripts and entry forms will be numbered separately to protect studentsí anonymity. Do not staple entry form to manuscript.

4) A completed entry form must accompany each manuscript and must include the contestant's sponsoring instructorís name and the school's name and address. Home-schooled contestants must identify themselves and include verification of their home school status.

5) All manuscripts become the property of the Jack London Foundation and may be printed in their publications. NO manuscripts will be returned.

6) Awards for future educational goals as follows:

                        First ........ $2,000.00

                        Second ....... $1,000.00

                        Third ........ $ 500.00

7) Manuscripts will not be accepted from students related to members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, or Contest Judges.

8) Failure to comply with any of the preceding rules will result in disqualification.

9) Dates

                        January 31, 2017.. Manuscripts must be postmarked by this date.

                       April 1, 2017 ..... Notification of Winners.

                       May 15, 2017 ...... Presentation of awards.

                   10) The Jack London Foundation reserves the right to withhold prizes if submitted works do not meet the guidelines detailed above and are deemed not meritorious by the judges.