Legend of the Snark Comes to Life!

By Fred Fischbach

The Jack London foundation is proud to announce the formation of a committee to explore the feasibility of building a replica of the “Snark.” April, 22, 2007 will mark the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage of this legendary vessel, which was designed by Jack London in the early 1900's. With that date fast approaching, the Snark Vision Committee is looking forward to exploring the options that will help them with this ambitious project.

This legendary vessel was constructed at Anderson Ways, San Francisco in 1906-07 to sail around the world. Prior to sailing to the South Seas, this 57-foot ketch with a classic clipper bow and copper bottom was outfitted in the Oakland/Alameda Estuary. London was determined to sail around the world and used his writing as a way to help fund this grand adventure, thus using the Snark as the subject for magazine articles, essays and books.

The Jack London Educational Research Foundation was founded in 1976 and became a nonprofit in 1981. Its mission is to maintain source material and memorabilia as well as promoting research activities of the life and work of Jack London.

It is the Foundation’s desire to use the Snark replica not only as a maritime and Jack London museum, but also to create a “working” ship that captures the essence of Jack’s life. The Snark Vision Committee is actively recruiting for volunteer members. As Jack London so aptly stated “...The call is for nobility of thinking, the nobility of doing. The call is for service, and, such is the wholesomeness of it, he who serves all, best serves himself.” Anyone interested in donating time or financial resources to help us achieve this goal, should contact Fred Fischbach at 707-996-2888 or e-mail kfischbach1@earthlink.net.


Jack & Charmain on the Snark