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Photo 1- Jack London overlooking "Wolf House" ruins. 1914

Photo 2 - Home Jack bought in 1906 for his mother, Flora Wellman. Jack reserved an upstairs room for use by him and Charmian as their Oakland headquarters until his death in 1916. “White Fang” and “Moon Face” were written at this location. This home was later moved to 360 Palm Avenue, Oakland and converted into apartments.

Photo 3 - Jack London fishing on the Gualala River (Calif) 1911

Photo 4-  Jack London at home (married to Bess) 1900

Photo 5 -  Jack London while writing "The Sea-Wolf" at  Wake 
Robin Lodge, Glen Ellen, Calif.  1906

Photo 6 -Jack London in East End of London (England) doing
research on "People of the Abyss" 1902

Photo 7 - The home of Charmian Kittredge London from the age of 7-15 yrs.
554 35th Street, Oakland  Calif.

Photo 8 - Jack and Charmian attending the wedding of Charmian's Aunt Ninetta to Edward Biron Payne at "Escondido", Menlo Park, Calif. Nov. 10, 1910

Photo 9 -Charmian in her equestrian attire. Photo taken at Beauty Ranch 
on June 18,1923

Photo 10- Jack and Charmian in Hawaii. 1915

Photo 11- Charmian taking dictation from Jack at the cottage, Glen Ellen, Calif.
Date unknown.

Photo 12- Jack and Charmian onboard the USS Kilpatrick at Galveston, Texas.
April 24, 1914