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The Jack London Educational Research Foundation, Inc. was established in August, 1976, and became a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of California in December, 1981. Originally, its purpose was to maintain source material and memorabilia in addition to promoting research activities of the life and work of Jack London.  Aside from offering free assistance to writers, researchers and others interested in Jack London, the Foundation sponsors a monthly Jack London Reading Group, as well as resources for Jack London seminars and symposia.

The Foundation discovered that young people are intrigued by the adventuresome life and works of Jack London. Taking advantage of this, to help expand their reading and writing skills, the Foundation instigated a Descriptive Writing Contest. We solicit the participation of high school students from around the country to enter our writing contest. Three winners are selected each year. The writer of the essay or short story best capturing the spirit of Jack London and judged to be most meritorious receives $1000.00. The second place winner receives $500.00 and the third place winner receives $250.00. The primary funding for the Jack London Foundation’s activities is generated via an annual auction of donated materials.

In continuance of the values held so dear to Jack London, the Jack London Foundation is proud of its record of providing educational and research assistance to all, regardless of race, gender, or religion.